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Teachers Grievances

School of Counselling Services

Teachers Grievances

Our vision, after the first counselling session was clear- Human satisfaction.

Being a Teacher though a noble job but however is one of the hardest jobs to do. A teacher influences ideas, academic performance, knowledge, experience, and expertise of a child.

“A Mother Gives birth to a Child, but a Teacher gives them the essence of life for future.”

To deal with the gen X, our teachers needs to be on toes with her excellence in all parameters, however like a child, even teachers sometimes face problems related to mental health. And with so many roles to play in the school system, our counsellors try and provide a comprehensive approach plan for Happy Teaching.

Our Teacher’s Redressal Program is designed to help address problems like :
1. Dealing with Too many roles to play
2. Classroom Management
3. Time Management
4. Dealing Negative Behaviour of Children
5. Identifying and Helping difficult behaviour students.

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