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Parental Counselling

School of Counselling Services

Parental Counselling

Our vision, after the first counselling session was clear- Human satisfaction.

With Parental Counselling, our counsellors aims to to help improve and strength the parent-child relationship that is severely damaged or estranged.

Parenting, a wonderful feeling though comes with a lot of responsibilities and with the exposure and the sensitivity that our millennial children are exposed too, parents play a greater role in bringing up a physically and mentally healthy child to an adult.

It is important to understand that almost all parents can work towards improving the relationship by undergoing counselling, however,

    It is essential for those parents who have the following problems to reach out for professional help.
  • ■ Children refusing instructions.
  • ■ Unable to connect or communicate with child
  • ■ Conflict of Power Struggle
  • ■ No family rules
  • ■ Aggressive and Violent Child behaviour
  • ■ Time management with Children
  • ■ Teenage problems of your child
  • ■ Problematic marriage or relationships in family affecting child.
  • ■ Grief or loss in the family

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