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Who We Are?

School of Counselling [SoC], a start up founded by Payal Bharadwaj with group of Counsellors and psychiatrists on board with a vision to provide Mental Health Counselling, Educational Counselling and Career Counselling.
Our expertise comes with a long journey in the field of education, corporate and social well being.

Welcome To School of Counselling

School of Counselling[ S.o.C] with its onset in 2017, has proudly work to be a one stop center for counselling needs of educational institutes as we work closely on ground level with the 2 pillars of every child's life, the teacher and the parents along with the child to understand their underlying challenges..

Well Consulting

Our Counsellors are dedicated to understand the root cause of problem and be an active listener to help provide guiding solutions for better lives be it career, relationships, behavioural or emotional problems.

Remove Depression

With the fast moving world, the race we all are in and the relations we end up living behind creates a lot of hollowness amongst most of us. Some however are able to deal with it, some find it difficult to cope up with the pain. This leads to the feeling of loneliness, emptiness and in certain cases alot of them even end up hurting themselves. Our Counsellors help fight these feelings and overcome them through thorough Counselling and therapies.


With its presence in Baroda, Lucknow, Dehradun and Hyderabad, we have now started penetrating the Mumbai region.

Focus Area

Our focus lies in making lives better for all. Hence our Counsellors services be it career, relationship, behavioural or psychological, we ensure being there for you throughout the journey of betterment.


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