With the fast moving competitive world and a variety of career options being available, a Child many a times is left in conflict of motives to choose the right and successful path in terms of their career.

With our Custom based software’s and testing patterns, we understand the aptitude, personality and key strengths of a child and work together with the child, their parents and the school to guide them with the right path. The best advised stage for this is from Std.9 till 12th.

Knowing who you are!

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With our experienced counsellors and trainers, we conduct individual and group programs which help deal with students/child facing severe anger management problems.

The sooner the child learns to handle his anger, the better the person he becomes in future.


Every individual has his way of dealing with relationships, be it with parents, siblings, teachers or the peers. Some have great experiences and some keep suffering from relationship problems, which sometimes affects their overall well-being and performance productivity.

Not every individual is also vocal about their troubled relationships. Hence our experienced team of counsellors help identify and work closely with these individual to help cope o=up with their troubled relationship.

Customised & continuous quizzes/challenges
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You might have a friend list of 2000 virtual friends in your friend list on Facebooks, or a good number of right swipes on Tinder. But does a person who have a group of friends in reality really needs a virtual friend? That’s the reality of our present day generation. Where the fast moving world leaves very limited relationships with us in real where we can actually speak our heart out.

The child is no different, who might feel a left out and alone, due to their working parents, no grandparents /siblings or few friends to speak out to while in school. Our trained Counsellors help a child cope up with this difficulty and move ahead with a positive attitude.


Many child having learning difficulties, which is not so easy to be recognised and worked upon in day to day life. Hence we extend our services to these children through our experienced counsellors to work closely with children with learning difficulties.

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Planning to step in the corporate world? Need Success Mantras and Handson Experience for you to excel, or simply a guide and motivator to enlighten you with the right sector and companies to work with, SoC has the right blend of setup for the same.

This also includes training programs for existing employees and redressal programs for employee grievances.

Learning Recommendations